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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, November 15, 2015 - In an historical milestone Argentine official Volleyball took off at the end of the world, at the southern province of the globe, Tierra del Fuego giving the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) a new member that represents a very important fact as it stands "where the World ends". For Argentina it is twice very important as now the whole 24 country provinces and the capital city of Buenos Aires, are gathered at the official members' system, a goal searched by the federative management of the institution.

Very near of the Antarctica our country just included officially all its regions to develop our volleyball in each corner of Argentina. With an unanimous applause, great excitement and emotion and a very strong official engagement of all volleyball involved people and institutions, a vital dream became true for the development and growth of volleyball.

"We strongly believe in the guideline expressed by the FIVB President, Ary Graca Filho that looks forward to making our volleyball massive and popular taking it to each corner of the world. Nothing better than to make official the southern Federation of the Globe" emphasized FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

“Volleyball is the first sport to reach the southern province of our country and I am very proud as President of the Argentine Volleyball Federation to have fulfilled this important step with club coaches, those that gave all their effort and their utmost in their life for long years to bring the official activity to this province" finished saying Gutierrez.

As part of the official opening ceremony Tierra del Fuego Volleyball Federation, Gutierrez played with players and teachers of Mini Voleyball in Usuahia, Rio Grande and Tohuin, three of the cities where volleyball is being played in the province and who are the main actors of the work that has taken place. In this event a new Volleyball Stadium was inaugurated.

The impact of this FeVA news reached local authorities. Usuahia Major, Federico Sciurano handed over a plate to FeVA President in a gesture involving the engagement of the city to embrace the local development of volleyball thanks to the presence of all his members and due to voting all new and leaving city authorities that change hands on December 10th, 2015..

Also, once the new Federation was inaugurated, FeVA received numerous congratulations from the Continent and the whole world.

"This is a goal of volleyball that became true. Our target is to take volleyball giving each one in every corner of the country the chance of being part of our sport. If we want to be chosen everywhere we must be everywhere so they get to know us and volleyball because those that play volleyball get in love with it and will never leave it" closed saying Gutierrez.