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Training for authorities


Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 15, 2015 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) Board of Administration had its last 2015 year meeting last Saturday with important decisions facing a very intensive and demanding 2016 international season with the attendance for the first time in its history of all 24 Argentine Provinces (including Buenos Aires city) and the coach Guillermo Orduna that heads the team that will participate next January 6th - 10th of the Women's South American Olympic Games Rio Qualifier in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

It was a very intensive working day with management reports and many new definitions and strategy plans, headed by FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

The start of the meeting showed the great new FeVA's 2016 target, training volleyball authorities, in the first lecture of many that will take place all over the country to boost the growth of all Federations. The first activity was headed by Fernando Roberto, related for many years to very important and large world trademarks at enterprises. The challenge of the organizations, the goals, the targets and the evaluation and balance of each situation was the top topic of the lecture, with the active participation of volleyball authorities from all over the country. "It was a great trigger, a basic stone to incentívate the search, to make it every day more professional and to help all grow" pointed out Gutierrez.

At the end of the lecture also was emphasized the On-Line Training that headed FeVA's National Technical Secretariat in charge ofp Professor Daniel Reynoso Arce, who pointed out that all the courses for coaches - level 2 will be done via internet allowing deepening the contests and showing a great advance for the trainees.

Afterwards, the Presidency Report went over all what has been happening along the last months, with a special emphasis in the creation of Tierra del Fuego Volleyball Federation that completed the 24 possible federations affiliated under a same theme; showing a special video, pointing out the idea: "We are already a country that lives very deeply volleyball".

The video showed volleyball taking place at Salina Grande up in the north Jujuy up to Glaciar Martial, in Usuahia, Tierra del Fuego, deep in the south in an activity called 'The End of The World'. Shocking to see the federative image and the great challenge of Las Panteras, the video went over the great hope of Argentine Volleyball 2016.

A special moment was enjoyed with a plaque given to Arnoldo Albero to thank him for all his long and unrested work than with the Argentine Women's Teams, who was also distinguished also by the Argentine Olympic Committee in the last week. "It is with great pride that I am here and I receive this recognition. A great recognition given by the FeVA that allows us to keep working towards our growth" underlined Albero.

Marketing, Sport Organization and Referee National Secretariat Reports were also presented. And for the balance of an outstanding beach volleyball year, the National Secretariat President, Jose Maria Cuadrillero asked the World champion and coach of the National Teams, Mariano Baracetti to present their report. He pointed out the great moment of Argentine beach volleyball making emphasis on the need of boosting the development of age-group players, thinking on the next Buenos Aires Youth's Olympic Games 2018.

It was a meeting were many important decisions were taking with great challenges for a very intensive 2016 year that could be historical for Argentina Women's Indoor Volleyball first Olympic Games participation.