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Las Panteras attending the meeting

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 15, 2015 - Las Panteras enjoyed a very intensive event. This Monday afternoon, once more as at the start of the International Season 2015, at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, the Argentine Seniors' Women Team presented officially the South American Women's Olympic Games Qualifier Rio 2016 that will be held this next January 6th - 10th in Bariloche, Rio Negro for a berth at the premier competition.

The presentation was attended by Argentine different new authorities among which were: the Sport, Physical Education and Recreation Secretary, Carlos Javier Mac Allister; the Sport and High Output Under-Secretary; Orlando Moccagatta; Rio Negro Province Governor, Alberto Weretilneck; the Sport and Cultural Cabinet Minister, Lic. Silvina Arrieta; the Province Sport Secretary, Marcelo Szizgol and of course by FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, heading FeVA staff together with the Under-Treasurer - in charge of the Qualifier Organization, Jose Maria Cuadrillero and FeVA Under-Secretary, Fabian Ramon.

The Argentine team coached by Guillermo Orduna also attended with all its players that are already working in the country: Carla Castilgione, Antonela Curatola, Marianela Garbari, Marcia Scacchi, Clarisa Sagardia, Morena Martínez Franchi and Florencia Busquets.

The presence of the newly named Argentine Sport, Physical Education and Recreation Secretary, Carlos Javier Mac Allister was pointed out as it is his first official presence, supporting not only the Olympic Qualifier but also as he decided that from now on, Volleyball will be taught as one of the sports included in all Argentine school curricula. "Everyone in school will play volleyball as one of the three main sports" mentioned the authority, in the meeting together with the Sport and High Output Under-Secretary, Prof. Orlando Moccagatta, who also reconfirmed his engagement with volleyball pointing out the years of friendship and work together with the coach of Las Panteras, Guillermo Orduna.

It was also emphasized the presence of the newly Rio Negro Governor, Alberto Weretilneck, who mentioned very clear that for Rio Negro Province and San Carlos de Bariloche itself, it is an unique chance to show "the recovery of a city after a very hard moment. Bariloche will show itself shining and we hope to have the chance to celebrate this organization with the qualification of our Las Panteras for Rio 2016".

Gutierrez confirmed that the FeVA "has a great dream with the qualification of the Argentine Women's Team. That a great effort was done to include everything with all the needs covered and the team working without rest to fulfil their target. I want to thank the presence of the Argentine Sport Secretary and Under-Secretary; the unquestionable Governor and Cabinet Ministry support and of all the institutions that make possible for Las Panteras to keep growing. We trust in their work and training".

Guillermo Orduna joking added: "I have the easiest job, just to qualify my team". The Argentine coach had no doubts when he mntioned: "Argentina deserves the qualification because of the hard work they are doing, but we know it will be a very hard competition among teams of high level that prepared themselves for this demanding event and what it is at stake, the Olympic Games Rio 2016".

For Florencia Busquets, representing the players, the goal is the same one: "We dream on qualifying and therefore we work hard".

Las Panteras will travel to Bariloche next December 27th, where they will enjoy New Year's with their relatives and FeVA' authorities also with their relatives, to close an outstanding year and open a new one with a great hope.