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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 8, 2016 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) is already working on the next four years Olympic cycle towards Tokyo 2020 and therefore, after making a balance of the last FeVA Board of Administration meetings and with the unanimously support of all Argentine volleyball authorities, together with the Argentine Sport Secretariat and the ENARD they maintain strongly with their support towards Julio Velasco coaching the Argentine Seniors' Men Team.

This last Thursday at Cenard facilities, FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez talked with the coach that already has been working towards this year's international very demanding season for the last three weeks, in his third year since he took over the coaching of the light blue - white team: "We are very eager with the continuity of Julio and of course, we are backed by the support of all Argentine Volleyball authorities. It has been a very positive cycle, with very important decision taken and always thinking on getting the best for Argentine volleyball. Also, the results were very positive during the whole development and that helped us a lot to grow. Me must go on this path and we started already together with the Sport Secretariat and the ENARD the needed conditions to keep improving" expressed Gutierrez after the meeting.

Julio Velasco, also met FeVA General Secretary, Gabriel Salvia, the Under-Secretary Fabian Ramon and the President of the Santa Fe Volleyball Federation, Fabian Bochatay.

"The fact is that, since we got in contact with Julio two years ago, the idea was to have with him a working cycle until Tokyo. The results confirmed that the work done is the right one. National Volleyball authorities have a lot of expectations on this Olympic Games Rio 2016, the Argentine Team is giving a very good image and confidence. The dedication and engagement of the players, their attitude, help us to think on the mysticism of the team. The words of Javier Filardi after knowing the decision of his exclusion of the National Team are an example of their mentality as a team over everything. Then, we want to go on this path" added Gutierrez.

Also Julio Velasco talked about his chances to go on coaching the team: "I am satisfied with the working conditions I have had and of course, they must be improved. If the conditions go on being the right ones it is very good to work in Argentina. FeVA has always supported me and they keep doing so and I want to maintain the structure I have been working with. The ENARD and the Sport Secretariat are very important in our scheme. The Cenard is our working place and we want to keep always improving it. Of course that the results are an important fact for any coach but that part belongs to the Federation, I do not feel immune to that concept" expressed the coach while already having started the work towards the FIVB World League and the Olympic Games, two very important and demanding competitions during this 2016 international season.