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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Lima, Peru, May 21, 2016 - Two Argentine beach volleyball pairs are participating this weekend at Agua Dulce resort in the capital city of Lima the U 19 South American Qualy for the World Championship that will take place July 26th - 31ar in Larmaka, Cyprus. At the Qualy are participating also Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Argentine teams are Exequiel Yacob-Gonzalo Aulisi at the Boys and Virginia Beguuristain-Julia Diaz Neli at the girls, coached by "Indio" Barrionuevo.

The best five teams will qualify directly for the Main Draw while the sixth will participate of the "Qualy" of the U 19 World Championship.

The competition formula is Round Robin - all against all - with won matches adding 2 points and defeats one. Absences equal 0 points and in case of a tie, ratio set first and the ratio won-lost points will be taken into consideration.

The Round Robin Round started this Friday, May 20th early in the morning and matches can be followed by CSV Social networks, Twiter @voleysur and FPV@FPVE.


Argentina: Exequiel Yacob / Gonzalo Aulisi

Bolivia: Ruben Dario Gonzales / Alex Mauricio Baldivieso

Brazil: Renato Lima de Carvalho/ Rafael Mendonça de Queiroz

Paraguay: Eddie Rojas/ Renato Bogarin Caceres

Peu 1: Rodrigo Salcedo / Daniel Porras

Peru 2: Giacomo Falcone/ Jonathan Nakamatsu

Uruguay: Nicolas Bertran López/ Williams Fernandez Rivero


Argentina: Virginia Beguiristain / Julia Díaz Neli

Bolivia: Fernanda Maida / Melanie Vargas

Brazil: Victoria Lopes Tosta / Vitoria De Souza Rodrigues

Paraguay: Michelle Valiente / Janina Ocampos

Peru 1: Angie Serna / Andrea Villegas

Peru 2: Gianella Paz / Claudia Gaona

Uruguay: Catalina Simon / María Candela Poncet