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Bruno Lima (12) topped the Argentine Score in the competition

Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 30, 2016 - The Argentine Team won the Silver Medal at the 11th Seniors' Men Panamerican Cup playing with U 23 and one Junior player, that keep winning experience at international high level competitions. Bruno Lima, one of the stars of the team, and that is also summon for the Seniors' light blue - white team made a balance of this competition.

"It was a very positive competition. The team played well and when someone was not good, someone replaced him giving his utmost and one could see the change" pointed out Lima, top Argentine scorer at the competition, adding: "The Cup was very useful to keep growing as team even though we still feel bad about not winning the final match, but the balance is positive".

Argentina was overcome by Cuba 2-3 in the final match in a very tied performance. When looking to what missed the team to be able to win the Gold Medal the opposite player mentioned: "I do not know if we missed something, the tie-break set could have been won by either team but our serving was poor and their spike is very good, nevertheless the match could have been won by both teams".

The Argentine Team included nine players U 23, that will have their official competition in Cartagena next June and only one player was Seniors. Nevertheless they played well against Seniors' Teams.

This group of players lived something very similar in the year 2015 when playing at a very high level they they reached the final match and after a 2-0 partial victory they lost. "To experience the same feeling after winning the first two sets and then losing the match makes us feel awful but it was not as bad as on the World Championship but it makes us feel bad because this team deserves a Gold Medal. We are always one step of winning a competition and I feel soon we will celebrate the victory".

Bruno Lima shone at the Argentine League with Obras de San Juan and was part of the ideal team as best side spiker. Therefore this year he was included in the roster of Julio Velasco Seniors' Team and he can be called for the team that will face the FIVB World League and / or the Olympic Games.

"I am making the best trying to learn and win experience. If I have the chance to compete at any of both international competitions I will give my utmost and obviously I will be very happy" expressed and answering about the Olympic Games participation he added: "Of course it is a dream for all athletes and it would be great if I am summon".