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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 11, 2016 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) is enjoying an unique moment after the direct qualification of the National Women's Beach Volleyball Team of Gallay-Klug for the Olympic Games this week in Hamburg, Germany. After several years of work and with a great beat on the growth of Argentine Volleyball, beach and indoor, the good international results can be seen. For the first time in history, Ana Gallay-Georgina Klug qualified thanks to their FIVB World Ranking at the women's competition; a dreamt goal for Argentina, that for the first time includes three different teams at the Olympic Games.

Added to the indoor Men's Volleyball qualification, after an historical and unusual competition Las Panteras also, at the beginning of the year, qualified for the first time in history for an Olympic Games and therefore the Argentine Volleyball Federation, celebrates the good result of the work of its authorities, staff, coaching teams and players.

FeVA Board of Administration congratulates the players for fulfilling their Olympic goal, pointing out that it was obtained also thanks to the great support of the Argentine Sport Secretariat, the ENRE (Ente Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo) and the Argentine Olympic Committee, that approved and trusted on FeVA's project looking forward to the Olympic qualification.

"Without that decisive support on our working plan it would have been very hard to qualify. Today we can mention that we count on them, as we did during several years and that all fulfil an important rol on Argentine sport" emphasized FeVA president, Juan Antonio Gutierrez.

But on the development path several hundred national competitions took place and the bet on many city halls and province government that were confident in organizing competitions and concentrations of beach volleyball were a key fact. Of course, our players and teams grew along the development of a systematic competition in the continent, as result of the great job done by the South American Volleyball Confederation to help strengthen the Continental Tour.

"So many people, without giving their names, made it possible to qualify our country for the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016. There is a great engagement of supporters and city halls to build beach volleyball fields helping the development of the game. And of course, the Argentine Beach Volleyball Teams have an outstanding luxury coaching team including its manager, coaches, statisticals, trainers ... all made their utmost effort to celebrate today thanks to hard work, never by chance, with Ana Gallay and Georgina Klug with an extraordinary commitment and showing only growth obtained the qualification for the Olympic Games. It is very important when one fulfils important goals to look back and recognize those that made it possible recognizing their job" emphasized Gutierrez, who received at the same time the congratulations of the main volleyball world authorities.

FeVA President, just a few weeks ago renewing and reconfirming his Presidency four-year period also pointed out: "I want to thank all the people involved, to the sponsors that supported the movement. Now a days, Argentina is building an average of two beach volleyball fields per months all over the country and those places help us so that province federations and their governments keep betting to beach volleyball activities. In Moron, Vicente Lopez, Cordoba, San Juan, La Rioja, Mar del Plata, where also a High Performance Centres are being carried out, they also have several new beach volleyball fields, that add their venues to the Development Centres that work all over the country".

FeVA assumption is to share the goals, and therefore the clubs and teachers generosity that give their facilities and players, are part of the path. "I hope to be able to obtain that all the people feel represented in a goal so important for all Argentine volleyball that shows as example that constant work, with secure goals put us with the best results in good places".