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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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San Juan, San Juan, June 15, 2016 - San Juan Volleyball Federation named new Board of Administration premiering as new President, Juan Galeote, a very expertize volleyball member not only in his province but as Treasurer of the Argentine Volleyball Federation and as part of the Sport Organization Committee of the South American Volleyball Confederation.

The new ideas were the goal that took the new authorities of one of the capital cities where Volleyball is very famous with over 10 players wearing the light blue - white jersey and with the team that won the most titles, in six consecutive seasons at the Argentine A1 men's League, UPCN Vóley and actual title holder. Also with Obras returning as one of the teams that played mostly at the Argentine A1 League and now became one of the Semi-Finalists of the A2, UVT and Banco Hispano, all at the upgrading A2 competition. A province that provided volleyball not only in the country and for its national teams but also exported expertize players and coaches to the whole world.

"First we look forward to finding even more talented players in the clubs all over the province with the idea of working hard in schools, city halls and cities to widen the number of players, coaches, clubs and teams that represent us" mentioned first Galeote.

"Then, we will work very hard with our province teams because we want them to work under certain growth premises, not only competitions but also development main goals. Each grass-root team that represents the province, must be a place where children and youth athletes find a place to develop themselves" he went on saying.

And third, Galeote pointed out a great idea under his management: "We want to create a dynamic and strong Technical Secretariat . At this point we already are having meetings with coaches, that train the players and that must improve all developing ideas. Each project and plan has to have very strong basis of the coaches but also must be supported by the same coaches that know the reality of each place where volleyball takes place".

The new Board of Administration includes:

President: Juan Galeote

Vice-President: Jaime Bergé

Secretary: María Pagés

Treasurer: Romina Fuentes

Under-Secretary: Marcelo Yornet

Under-Treasurer: Miguel Sánchez