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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Julian Azaad at the Continental Cup celebrating

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 11, 2016 - After participating at the Continental Cup when in Chile the Argentine delegation could not win the last berth for South American for the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016, Julian Azaad makes a balance of an outstanding season for all national beach volleyball international competitions 2016 season.

The men's two pairs arrived to Chile ready to win the Rio ticket fighting among the best South American rivals but a series of unexpected injuries left them out of any chance. "It was very hard for us because we were confident on winning the Olympic berth. Even though we are very disappointed because our level was very high, we understand that it is a sport and that injuries can happen" mentioned Azaad.

"This year's balance is very positive and our growth is incredible" goes on saying Cerrito man. "Just four years ago, it was an achievement to be able to step onto any South American Podium for any Argentine pair and this year, at least we won the Bronze Medal or even more at all stops, winning the silver v the powerful Brazil in La Rioja's competition". "A few years ago I used to watch all South American pairs far ahead from our level and now I am part of the best Continental pairs being very high in the ranking. As a group, even though we grew, FeVA together with the ENARD and the National Sport Secretariat allow us to keep developing and growing and the results show it. Personally I feel I grew a lot" he added.

But the year did not end and Argentina looks forward to improving their performance and ranking. "We still have Puerto Vallarta and Long Beach stops and we plan on participating as they add points for next year's World Tour. We have planned already our training without losing our goal, the year goes on".