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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 13, 2016 - The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) Assistant Secretary, Fabian Ramon was named as Chief of the Argentine Delegation for the nearby Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 that includes three qualified national volleyball teams to compete at the same - indoor both genders with the women's Las Panteras doing it for the first time in Argentine history and one women's beach volleyball team, Gallay-Klug. "I want to point out the great FeVA effort on all its staff and authorities, that will send a delegation that comes out of the great job of players, coaches, clubs, province federations, FeVA staff and authorities that all together have fulfilled to be the only Federation in the country to be represented at the Olympic Games by three teams" pointed out Ramon.

"Our work started long ago and now we have these great results. It a great pleasure to visit the Argentine Olympic Committee, where we had, we have and will be having their support, many organization meetings and always giving us the support and commitment collaborating towards the growth of Argentine Volleyball" he finished saying.

FeVA authority made a detail on how "from the COA they are working very strongly with the logistic, the travelling and arrival needs till we reach the Olympic Villa on all athletes. There is at the FeVA a full awareness of the importance of the coordination and organization of the complete Argentine delegation and therefore we are present with responsibility of each of the proposed meetings organized by the COA".

Fabian also emphasized the work done. "The Olympic cicle path has been very long. Many people have worked towards today's proud reality. Many players, many clubs, many volleyball authorities and all FeVA staff, many cities that participated at different competitions, many province and national governments, many volunteers. They are all part of this terrible beautiful reality".

As part of FeVA politic spirit, Ramon recognized all and every person that worked towards this reality including of course the athletes themselves, that have put with their work and motivation, the utmost engaged in stepping each day Argentine volleyball in a better level not only at the South American Ranking but at the FIVB's World at all levels of our national teams.

The responsible of the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 closed saying: "We must point out that we are supported by the most important national sponsors, authorities and the National Sport Secretariat, the ENARD and of course, the Argentine Olympic Committee as tools without which we could have never reached this level".