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Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 27, 2016 - The Argentine Seniors' Men Team coach, Julio Velasco welcomed Argentine Media this Wednesday noon, just a few hours prior to travelling to San Juan, where the Albicelestes will play their last two friendly matches v Mexico and then immediately flying to the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016.

“We worked very hard all year round, this week with some rest and we are ready for the most important World Sport challenge. We have an advantage over the best teams of the world. They will face Quarter-Finals with the obligation of winning. It would be good not to add any pressure on the team because they defeated three of the strongest teams of the world at the last FIVB World League edition. We are very motivated" opened saying the Argentine coach.

During the Press Conference Velasco confirmed the Argentine team, with a change of the first official roster of 12 players for Rio de Janeiro 2016 with the incorporation of Jose Luis Gonzalez replacing Facundo Santucci, changed that was confirmed by the International Olympic Committee International.

The welcome was given by the National Sport Secretary Mac Allister. "It is the pleasure to support Argentine Volleyball but we know that we must still work very hard to have the sport level we need. We have to improve lots but we work hard and steadily to growth. The National Sport Secretary must give confidence to the Argentine National Volleyball Team with the facilities they need and supporting them, that is our engagement" expressed Mac Allister.

Velasco spoke about the team chances and their preparation. "We are at our utmost, the spirit is good, the physical and technical condition is very good, We have tried different combinations during these last years and now we have the team we want and that is very important. We must qualify for Quarter-finals as our first goal. To defeat in Quarter-finals our rival would be amazing. It is a live-dead match and that makes it very different. I see our team focused to the top. We keep demanding in our training but we believe we did everything to be at a very good level".

About the team believes Velasco added: "The team is very wise even though they are very young, over all on their important victories at the FIVB World League. They are aware that the Olympic Games is a different story. It is very important to be confident. We must go to win and not just participate".

With reference to his personal feelings about the Olympic Games having coached already Italy Velasco mentions: "I am very excited. The Olympic Games are a must. I already felt the same at the FIVB World Championship but now it is a much deeper feeling".

Last, with reference to playing the Olympic Games in South America, he pointed out. "We must support the first Olympic Games in our continent. We have to adapt ourselves to any problems that might arise and as Argentinian we must help Brazil with any problems as it is the first time that the Olympic Games take place in South America and we do not want that they are the last".