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The Argentine Gallay-Klug already training in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2, 2016 - Yes, now with the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016 round the corner and after an historical outstanding Major Klagenfurt, Austria competition, when they finished in the fourth place, the Argentine pair is already in Brazil ready to face the most important challenge of the international season.

Klagenfurt stands among the top demanding FIVB World Beach Volleyball competition and the girls, together with their coach, Pablo Del Coto, arrived to Rio de Janeiro this Monday and are training double shift this Tuesday at the main playing field together with the USA Frendirck-Seat.

With reference to the recent fourth place in Austria, the Santa Fe Klug made a balance: "It is outstanding positive, first because during a month and a half we only train without competition, something that did not happen with the other pairs that will participate of this premier World Sport competition and because we participated in Klagenfurt with the chance of finding again our playing rhythm in a very demanding competition, something very important at the international calendar and with lots of audience, something very similar to the fact we will experience in Rio. We won confidence as team and with the great result we obtained, to qualify for a Major semi-final, made as feel bad because we were one step from stepping onto the podium but when we thought about the competition all together we realized that we overcame very far the goal we had for Austria".

Both Argentine players had to recover hard from injuries without stopping training and with relation to this, Klug mentions: "Our Mar del Plata training and concentration period helped us a lot on our injuries but also as training period. Our physical condition is the best and that was very good in Klagenfurt third day when we played to two tiebreaker without feeling it".

With reference to the Olympic Games, already hosted in Rio, the Argentine girls went to evaluate the playing venue and visited the city to start enjoying the great sport world party. "In Rio we expect to find us playing to our utmost chance all the time, with claws, heart, positive attitude and fighting point-after-point as we do it with all our rivals in international competitions. All the pairs are very hard and all are ready for this world demanding competition and on top, our pool is a very hard one but we have our confidence to go step after step winning matches but also enjoying the important moment we are participating at" added Klug.

Last, with reference to be part of her first Olympic Games, Georgina closed saying: "It was a unique surprise, I thought I would not keep playing with the Argentine beach volleyball jersey after participating at indoor volleyball. I never even think that I would do my career in beach volleyball and enjoying our present. But beach volleyball gave me all during these last years, and I am the result of it. The Olympic Qualification was like the strawberry on top of a great cake and the result of years of exclusive dedication to beach volleyball, a complete new sport for me. Everything happened so fast but it has to do with my work and my coaches and the fact that I have trained hard since I was 14 years old and I am very proud of representing Argentina in the premier World Sport competition, the biggest and most important of all so I will enjoy it".