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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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San Juan, Argentina, August 15, 2016 - With great success and a total of 49 +35 former volleyball players teams from all over the country and Chile finished the 1st FeVA MasterVoley Cup organized by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) National Secretariat together with the San Juan Volleyball Federation and the San Juan University Mastervoley.

After three spring sunny days in San Juan city, the teams not only competed but allowed coaches and former players to get together and remember lived volleyball great moments, exchanging also their experiences.

The main field of the National University was the venue for the four Gold Finals: Women +35 & +40 and Men +35 & +42 with all participants watching the matches. First San Juan University and New Max Hispano Women played the +40 with the host team celebrating the victory 2-0. Then, Ausonia de San Juan and Villa Dora de Santa Fe clashed for the +35 title in a vey exciting match that ended in a terrific tie-breaker won by Ausonia.

At the men's, first the +35 was an outstanding match with Argentine stars among Complejo Deportivo Barrionuevo de San Juan and San Martin de Mendoza. Once more the host team won 3-0 while at the +42 Monteros Vóley de Tucuman and San Juan National University played a tied final won after a tiebreaker by Tucuman team.

Then, it was time for the Closing Ceremony including awards to the best players and the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cup, with Sonder special jerseys for the Gold winners.

The next competition that will for sure bring even more teams from all over the country will take place next year's mid April.



+40 Women
1 Universidad Nacional de San Juan – Gold Cup

2 New Max Hispano (San Juan)
3 Ausonia (San Juan)
4 YPF Petroleras (Mendoza)
5 Municipalidad de Las Heras (Mendoza) – Silver Cup
6 Unión (La Rioja)
7 Amigas (Tucumán)
8 Maxi Fem (San Juan)
9 Nogoyá (Entre Ríos)

+42 Men
1 Monteros Voley (Tucumán)
2 Universidad Nacional de San Juan
3 Los Perkins Nogoyá (Entre Ríos)
4 Complejo Deportivo Barrionuevo (San Juan)
5 Media Agua (San Juan)
6 Ausonia (San Juan)
7 Drink Team Viña del Mar (Chile)
8 La Bancaria (Mendoza)
9 Círculo Italiano de Villa Regina (Río Negro) – Copa Plata
10 Sindicato Empleados de Comercio (San Juan)
11 Olimpia Vóley (Catamarca)
12 Maxi Voley (Santa Fe)
13 Ausonia “B” (San Juan)
14 Pancho Voley Team (San Luis)
15 Godoy Cruz (Mendoza)
16 Unión Vecinal (San Juan)

+35 Women
1 Ausonia (San Juan) – Gold Cup
2 Villa Dora (Santa Fe)
3 Universidad Nacional de San Juan
4 Mendoza de Regatas (Mendoza)
5 Gral. San Martín (Mendoza) – Silver Cup
6 Pelota Voley (Catamarca)
7 Stadio Italiano (Chile)
8 Mariastas (Mendoza)
9 Fundarte (Tucumán) – Bronze Cup
10 La Bancaria (Mendoza)
1 Las Amigas (San Luis)
12 Huazihul (San Juan)
13 Chimbas Voley (San Juan)
14 San Martín Porres (Mendoza)
15 Cutral Co (Neuquén)

+35 Men
1 Complejo Deportivo Barionuevo (San Juan) – Gold Cup
2 Gral. San Martín (Meondoza)
3 Universidad Nacional de San Juan
4 Tucumán de Gimnasia
5 Random Viña del Mar (Chile) – Silver Cup
6 Romeral La Serena (Chile)
7 Club Asturiano (Buenos Aires)
8 Cutral Co (Neuquén)