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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 19, 2016 - The President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Ary Graça Filho held a very intensive meeting agenda to promote and develop volleyball as number one entertainment sport for the families all over the world and for the first time during this Olympic Games Rio 2016 volleyball had a very special venue: The FIVB Volleyball House in Copacabana.

During this Thursday afternoon took place an important meeting between Ary Graça and the South American Volleyball Confederation President, Rafael Lloreda; the Vice-President, Marco Tulio Teixeira together with Paraguay, Roberto Escobar; Uruguay, Julio Perez Alfaro; Argentine, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, Marcelo Wangler and Mauricio Levy.

"In South America we are doing a very important development and growth work and we must show the World with interesting presentations that prove how the FIVB invest their money in the Continental Confederations" pointed out Ary Graca.

FIVB President developed his idea: "Here we have Argentina with their ever first Women's participation at an Olympic Game. They also qualified their top ranked beach volleyball team through out the FIVB Beach Volleyball Tour. Peru did not have an important national team and now it shows a growing team, playing the last Olympic Qualy and now it has television support. The same happens with Colombia that fought for one Olympic berth for its women's team and Chile, that qualified also for the first ever time their top men's beach volleyball pair for an Olympic Games".

CSV President, Rafael Lloreda emphasized the importance of the creation of the Olympic Volleyball House: "We are proud that our International Federation created such important place to promote our sport. It stands in a strategic place, with a strong presence in this Olympic Games, that offered chances to everyone to be with FIVB volleyball and also get near this wonderful sport to general people and to the World Media that visited the House during these wonderful days. I am not surprise to see our President Ary Graca, always working with a development sight".

Marco Tulio Texiera also pointed out the sport growth of many continental countries that were helped as clue path by the CSV support through out their development programs and incorporating coaches.

In the meeting the CSV also emphasized the importance of the next Junior South American Championship that will be carried out next October in Bariloche. Gutierrez pointed out that "the same is the most important competition event for the FeVA during the rest of the year together with the World Congress that will take place beginning of October". We have had already an outstanding experience in Bariloche with the Qualification of Las Panteras to Rio 2016 and now again with the support of the Province Government headed by Alberto Weretineck and all his team, that supports sport in a very outstanding way".

The Continental delegates outlined the CSV fand its National Federarions fulfilments in the last years, as part of the multiplication of venues in different cities for the Beach Volleyball South American Tour and for indoor volleyball including the national leagues, the FIVB Development Centre that support training and teaching all over the continent. Last but not least, Ary Graca pointed out specially the outstanding results of the South American pairs at the Youth Olympic games Nanjing 2014.

As important last news, it was confirmed that Argentina will have a new Development Centre and a Volleyball Centre with capacity for 800 people and Paraguay will inaugurate an Olympic Training Centre thanks to the growth of its beach volleyball pairs.

Closing the important meeting Ary Graca invited all attendant to multiply the effort to keep in the growing path.