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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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BUENOS AIRES, September 6, 2016

To all Volleyball Federations / Associations

Dear Sirs:

We are pleased to get in contact with you to send you some considerations in relation to refereeing decided at the Meeting carried out by the Referee Council on September 3rd that aim to the goal of the growth of all our referees, not only in quantities but mainly in their quality level, with FeVA authorities engaging themselves to support and provide all necessary tools to fulfil this target.

Volleyball, as all sports, it is based in four main pillars: Authorities, Coaches, Players and Referees. All of them must act together with harmony to secure the growth of our sport.

We strongly believe that the growth in refereeing as in any other area, will become true if all people involved, without leaving anyone excluded, has clear goals so as working together we can engage in working towards their fulfilment.

Therefore, we have stablished a working method based in the coordination between the authorities (responsible people to generate consensual policies and refereeing, under the coordination of a General Secretary so as to coordinate together all actions that head towards fulfilling the main goal.

To comply with this goal Mr. Juan Galeote and Enrique Castillo were named the responsible people in charge of this Area giving their advancing and improvement reports to FeVA Board of Administration, and Mr. Gabriel Gary as National Referee Secretary so as, together with the members of the National Referee Secretariat work for the set target, having its first evaluation at the end of the year with the general balance, to stablish any adjustments needed.

For FeVA Refereeing, as mentioned before is a very important key in the development of volleyball and we are convinced that we will keep growing if we stablish an only path to work together, generating all needed arguments that help us to go after the same goal, leaving aside the personal goals that not only do not help but hinder and divert from the main goal. This work means growing, training and evaluating. We need, no doubt, very capable , train and experienced referees, so that they can grow to international levels, generating a very healthy and needed exchange.

We believe that all what has been done until now is very positive and that can be seen in the international recognition of our referees, and therefore we thank each and every one that helped to make this become real but we also are aware that a lot must still be done to keep growing.

Last but not least, we ask each of you involved to help on the growing of our referees sending them FeVA best regards.

Thanking you in beforehand for your invaluable contribution we great you with our most sincerely confidence.

Sincerely yours,

Juan Carlos Gutierrez