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Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 30, 2016 - The international beach volleyball season finished after a very intensive and demanding year and Pablo Del Coto, the coach of Ana Gallay-Georgina Klug made a balance of the growth of the pair after their participation at the highest level beach volleyball competitions of the World.

El equipo argentino de Beach Volley

- What is your final balance after this demanding international season?

- The general balance is very positive as they fulfilled many goals: the main one was to qualify for the Olympic Games through out the FIVB ranking; they also played three semi-finals of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour and qualify for the FIVB World Tour Finals, among the best eight teams of the world were very important. On the other side we missed good performance at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

- The most positive facts fulfilled were ?

- I think we maintained a very good level in our game and thanks to that the pair became stronger and the rivals feel they are playing against a strong team now.

- -what needs to be improved for the World Tour?

- We head towards regularity. We must work very hard for next season to reach semi-finals in better shape and be able to face at that point rivals feeling more confident.

- What are your training plans?

- First, they deserve a very strong holiday month while on the second we will work on preventing injuries added to the preparation for next season. We have a very strong working plan that will last at least two months and the competition preparation season will be programmed once we know the international calendar.

- What is your balance of your work with the girls?

I worked with them three and half month and I saw them develop year after year. I am very lucky that I train two very ambitious players that always want a new goal and they show their dedication at each training. We are a very strong and closed team and they listen to each thing I asked them. They obey my working plan and all three like to know as much as possible of the rivals so we are a very good team.

My final balance is highly positive. We started playing qualifier in the year 2013, in the year 2014 we participated of some Main Draw and qualifier competitions and in the year 2015 we always started playing at the Main Draw. In this last season we always finished at least on the second round so the team has grown a lot and the Finals of the FIVB Beach Volleyball Tour were the award to our work and development.