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Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 4, 2016 - In a new workshops day prior to the 35th FIVB Elective World Congress being held in Argentina, the common subject in all working groups was volleyball. This Tuesday, the Hilton Hotel, where all activities are taking place talks, lectures and workshops heading towards the growth of volleyball all over the world. This Wednesday the official opening will take place early in the morning.

After Monday's first meetings that included not only officials of the FIVB but the visit of FIVB President, Dr. Ary S. Graça Fº to the FeVA Headquarters Multispace, this Tuesday took place the second date of the official agenda dedicated to workshops planned by the International Volleyball Federation exchanging ideas on the growing path of volleyball.

The day started at 9.00 and ended at 18.00 with FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça Fº of all workshops. He reinforced the idea of working as a team to make the sport growth at the same time all over the world and in every corner of each country. At the screen behind him could be read "Stronger Family, More Volleyball".

With that goal in mind, the workshops focuses in National Federations Level I and II, with the commitment of giving them the necessary tools to develop volleyball. Different lecturers and Federations could share their experiences.

FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça opened the development workshop for national federations in Buenos Aires today by calling on the participants to actively join the global volleyball family’s conversation. The workshop takes place a day before the opening of the FIVB’s 35th World Congress in the Argentinian capital.

“As a family, we are all working together. And for me it is always important for the FIVB to be a good example for you. At the FIVB we have been working hard to provide you with opportunities to grow volleyball,” said President Graça in his opening remarks.

“Almost everybody at the FIVB has experience of managing a national federation. This is very important for us. Strong national federations are the foundation on which our house is built.”

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Workshop discussions centre were the importance of sustainable management, communications and the FIVB’s VolleyballYourWay movement in helping to grow volleyball around the world.

The first topic presentation on “National Federation Sustainable Management” aimed to help federations identify a source of funding that matches their strategy and encourages them to activate it. This was followed by a presentation by the FIVB’s Communications Director Richard Baker on “Communications / Social Media” which explored how national federations can activate the right communications platform. The final presentation on the “VolleyballYourWay Movement” urged national federations to activate the movement in their country to help spread volleyball’s positive values.

Brazilian former volleyball player Giba was also in attendance as he looks to take a more active role in the FIVB’s decision making process in his new position as president of the newly formed FIVB Athletes’ Commission.

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