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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 5, 2016 - The Argentine Volleyball support was the emphasized opening mark at the start of the 35th FIVB World Congress being held at Buenos Aires Hilton Hotel. A dinamic and exciting opening ceremony with the attendance of the main authorities of World volleyball, national guests, Argentine sport officials and the Media. The activity will go on this Wednesday and Thursday.

Just a few minutes after 9.00 with the assistance of all FIVB Board of Administration authorities and the Administrative Committee, the Delegates of mostly all FIVB National Delegates from all over the World, Ary Graca opened officially the 35th FIVB Elective Congress.

Aftet listening to the FIVB and Argentine Hymns, and the five officials at the main tale, about 30 children from different schools of the city of Buenos Aires jumped into scene with huge volleyballs as part of Volleyball Your Way with all the delegates playing with them in a new movement scenery. Volleyball starts as Giba, Ekaterina Gamova, Emanuel Rego, Xue Chen, Hugo Conte shone in the event, most of them being part of the newly created FIVB Athletes Committee.

The welcome by Gustavo Santos, National Tourist Ministry was followed by Gerardo Werthein, President of the Argentine Olympic Games Committee. They talked about the importance of organizing the World Congress in Argentina and next Youth's Olympic Games 2018.

Then, Carlos Javier Mac Allister, National Sport Secretary pointed out the value of sports to take children out of streets and drugs and the great work carried out by the Argentine Volleyball Federation under the management of its President, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez as one of the best sport officials of Argentina, a man that carries out challenges fulfilling them.

Gutiérrez then, thanked all the previous words and the great support of the Argentine Government via Mac Alistar, the support of the ENARD and the work with the Tourism Ministry upgrading the Unit 9 of Chapadmalal Resort as a High Performance Centre not only for volleyball but for all sports with an hotel for about 800 people.

Last, FIVB President, Dr. Ary S. Graça Fº thanked once more FeVA work at the World Congress leaving everything ready with all needs fulfilled for two very intensive working days.