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Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 6, 2016 - With great and outstanding success closed the 35th FIVB Elective World Congress in Buenos Aires making a new milestone in Argentine Volleyball history as organizer of high quality international events. This has been the third FIVB World Congress held in Buenos Aires. The first one carried out by the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) prised by all attendants to the same.

Along Thursday working day, the different FIVB authorities and Commissions and the five Continental Confederations presented they reports and future short and long-time projects to make volleyball grow daily and making it more popular all over the Globe.

Morocco Volleyball Federation President Bouchra Hajij and former Indonesia Olympic Committee President Rita Subowo were elected as Board of Administration 2016-2020 Minority Gender members at the FIVB Congress on Thursday over the Scotish Margaret Ann Flemming through out voting. The background of the three candidates included:

Bouchra Hajij (Morocco). Ms Hajij is the President of the Morocco Volleyball Federation, a former Morocco national volleyball player and a member of the IOC's Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission.

Rita Subowo (Indonesia). Mrs Subowo is an FIVB Executive Vice-President and former IOC member and former President of the Indonesia Olympic Committee.

Margaret Ann Fleming (Scotland). Ms Fleming is the Chief Executive Officer of the Scotland Volleyball Federation, the Vice-Chair of the FIVB Disciplinary Panel and President of the European Small Countries Division.

Internal Auditors were also approved and a complete new FIVB Executive Board of Administration will take over for the period 2016/20, among the main news of the day.

After the final speech of FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça Fº, when he emphasized the "gold era" of volleyball, the world team as part of its growth and the great support of all that work with him, the Congress closed officially. Along the evening and tomorrow, most FIVB officials will return to their countries from Hilton Hotel with words of thankfulness for all the Organization, the local staff and the Congress itself that showed them tools to keep growing like "Snow Volleyball" and "Street Volleyball", two competitions and entertainment where the main reason is volleyball as an entertainment without needing at the first levels too much funds and therefore can be both organized by all countries one or another.

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