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Fabián Bochatay, Santa Fe Volleyball Federation President heads the organization of the U 18 Girls' World Championship

Santa Fe, Argentina, January 2, 2017 - Santa Fe province will host the U 18 Girls' World Championship facing the best 20 teams from all over the Globe, August 18th - 28th. It will be the first Girls / Women's World Championship ever held in our country.

As part of the strong FeVA management positioning during the last years, part as result of the outstanding organization of international events that Argentina carried out, the great news of the year 2016 was a ratification of the growth in the world map with a very demanding challenge for Santa Fe after the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) confirmed our country to host such a very demanding and important event.

It will be the third grass-root category Youth's World Championships that Argentina will host since the year 2011 when the Boys' were welcomed in Almirante Brown and Bahia Blanca in Buenos Aires province and in the year 2015 in Chaco and Corrientes with the great international support to FeVA's working path.

It was the Santa Fe Volleyball Federation that stood facing this great challenge, taking the international competition to the cities of Santa Fe and Rosario, two great women's volleyball cities in our country where grass-age categories are "classical" places and also as national training venues. Santa Fe has won U 13 to U 19 National Championships and Argentine Cups.

FSV President, Fabian Bochatay, who also is trying to obtain for the province the first South American Beach Volleyball Grand Slam for Santa Fe beaches, talks about the responsibility but also mainly over the chances that such an important international competition generates in the province hosting 20 national teams representing every Continent.

- Why did the FSV took on the responsibility of such an important international World event?

- Three years ago we took over the Santa Fe Volleyball Federation management and since then we are planning on organizing events we could manage every year but we are also working hard in an integral development operation, training and competitions. But also personally over one year ago I am working in the coordination of all national girls' and women's teams, offering the utmost support to the coaching teams because there, many Santa Fe volleyball people are involved. Therefore all these together motivated me to thing that we could organize during this 2017 the Girls' U 18 World Championship.

Santa Fe is one of the provinces with stronger girls' youth competitions of the country and that generates a very important number of hierarchy players. That was another of the main reasons why the FSV engaged itself to face this competition.

- Who supported this challenge?

- To know who is going to work with you and support this kind of event is the result of the work we have been doing for a long time and the best reflection FeVA has and therefore we never had any doubts that the main support we already had it from the ENARD and the National Sport Secretariat. The City Halls from Santa Fe and Rosario are already working on the local organization and the Province Government was the first one to answer with their support, too. We are working at the moment with the private enterprises to add their support because such an important event must be the result of the perfect formula: public, private and intermediate institutions all together.

- How stands the Organizing Committee, their broadcasting plans and the surrounding activities for such important international event?

- During this last December we worked closing the agreements with the venue stadiums and hosting. It was a great effort and much negotiation because it is very hard to make plans 9 months ahead. Santa Fe Union and Rosario Newell's Old Boys Stadium need some improvements and to adapt themselves to a smooth competition and we know that many country's delegations will come beforehand to adapt themselves to our climate and to the time difference between different parts of the world and therefore we have planned two campus to host them, one next to Rosario and one next to Santa Fe cities.

We are planning on making the official presentation next April, considering that at that time we will already have the competition official fixture. There are still countries that are participation of their continent's Qualy.

The World Championship Province Committee is working fully having among its staff a team integrated by volleyball well-renowned mentors because the spirit of this organization involves the whole province. We are planning on working with the Education Ministry to encourage schools to participate during this event.

- What do you expect as result of this event taking into consideration that many girls and women's talented players develop themselves having started playing in your province?

- We want to have the World Championship at home, in our home where during many years we have worked hard to develop and improve players and the playing system. Santa Fe became the last U 13, U 15 and U 17 National Argentine Champions and our clubs have participated of the Argentine Cups also becoming champions at the U 13 and U 17 competitions. That is not a small matter, it is hard work, engagement, development and professionalism. To organize in Santa Fe a World Championship is an award for all the people that live to make volleyball better day after day. Mainly this Girls' Youth World Championship will have a great effect on the younger girls, motivated them to train and play volleyball.

We are also working with the official province broadcaster to have our own image and broadcast it to the whole country considering that showing volleyball is another important tool that we can not leave aside.

- What are the main goals planned for this event?

- First we want to show the best possible organization. We want the different countries' delegations to receive the warmest and best welcome and offer them the best facilities and all the quality the province can offer. To accomplish this goal we have to work on each organizational detail, so that nothing is left to chance. From the hotels, to food, to moving around and to the competition stadium must offer the best. On the sport goal, we want to produce a contagious effect, a real volleyball shock in the whole province and over the whole country. This event motivates us and the clubs authorities and we hope to be able to add over 20 new clubs to the Federative competition system and we pretend to add also over 1,000 girls to our volleyball during the year, and that is really our main target.