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Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 24, 2017 - While training goes on for the Youth's Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, beach volleyball in its second edition becomes very important after Argentina won the Bronze Medal four years ago. Names, training and hard working start to show its first results. In General Cabrera, Cordoba, at the 4th stop of the Argentine Beach Volleyball Tour, the premier annual competition of the country showed two young teams, even one at the Podium starting to show their talent.

Bautista Amieva (Tunuyan) and Mauro Zelayeta (Mar del Plata) not only showed their utmost suprising everyone at the competition but finish winning the Bronze Medal. At the event also participated Bautista Gazaba-Tomas Russo that finished 7th and Alvaro Navarro together with the experienced Gabriel Merino, 9th. Gabriel is part of the coaching team in San Juan. In Rio Cuarto, also took place the women's competition where Brenda Churin together with delfina Villar finished 9th at the national competition and semi-finalists at the province one.

On the path to the Youth's Olympic Games Argentina obtained the Silver Medal at indoor Singapur 2010 and Bronze Medal at the beach volleyball competition in Nanjing 2014 (now it will compete only at beach volleyball) and many campus were organized on the new Project like Miramar 2015, Tunuyan, Rosario and Mar del Plata and strong concentrations in Santa Fe, Rosarrio, La Rioja and the last at Cenard facilities.

Amieva-Zelayeta expresses its prresent and dreams in the future after Cabrera performance. "We were very happy to be at the Main Draw and the fact that we qualified for Semi-Finals" says Bautista Amieva. They qualified up to then on the losers round and faced the champions: Santiago Aulisi and Leandro Aveiro, also frrom Mar del Plata and Tunuyan. "To be at the Pódium was incredible".

It was very hard for us to participate. We fulfil a dream. To play against the best teams of the country and feel we are slowly reaching their level means that we are on the right path and that our work is the right one" added Zelayeta, son of the Argentine Olympic Athlete Ana Maria Comaschi,

Both were part, during the last month of the Campus Buenos Aires 2018 at Cenard facilities were all sport athletes were gathered in a marvellous experience with all posible Olympic Athletes. "We train, improved our performance, sport values were included. It was a great experience" adds Amieva with his partner adding: "We learnt from every Campus. The longest one was at Cenard facilities and there we shared experiences with all the Argentine Olympic athletes, we talked and learnt from former athletes and of course we train hard".

With reference to their dreams, Amieva points out: "to reach the highest point, to represent our country at important competitions and of course to reach Buenos Aires 2018 to try to improve or at least to obtain what Santi and Leo (Aulisi and Aveiro Bronze Medal at Nanjing 2014) is something very hard" but Zelayeta adds: "To qualify for the Youth's Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and to obtain a good result is the best we can dream of. We will try to put our flag at the Podium".