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Rosario, Argentina, March 6, 2017 - Next weekend the South American Volleyball Confederation will put into stake a special event at La Florida resort in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina with the first Grand Slam for 8 duel of each gender representing different countries of the Continent. The event will be lived broadasted by DirecTV for the whole America and Canal Deportv for Argentina. Streaming as usual will be done through out the South American Volleyball Confederation website: www.voleysur.org.

The participation of two Olympic pairs is guaranteed. Argentina will play with the Olympic Ana Gallay-Georgina Klug and at the men's with the top Argentine ranked team, Nicolas Capogrosso and Julian Azaad that won the gold medal over the Chilean Grimalt Marco and Esteban in the final match yesterday in Peru's 2nd stop.

Chile will be represented by the other Olympic pair, the Grimalt cousins, also present in Rio 2016.

Rosario beach resorts are one of the places where the talented Argentine players are discovered, develop and improved and there one of the Argentine Beach Development Centre is settled there.

The eight teams per gender will be divided in two pools of four that will start playing next Friday, March 10th ending on Sunday, March 12th on the same venue where the last Women's Continental Cup took place.

The Grand Slam DirecTV Rosario pairs registered are:

Women's pairs:

Ana Gallay-Georgina Klug (Argentina)

Angela-Val (Brazil)

Erika Mongelos-Mivhelle Valiente (Paraguay)

Mariafrancisca Rivas-Pilar Mardones (Chile)

Amdrea Galindo-Claudia Galindo (Colombia)

Lía Fortunati-Camila Bausero (Uruguay)

Angie Serna-Misell Serna (Peru)

Norisbeth Agudo-Gabriela Brito (Venezuela)

Men's pairs:

Julián Azaad-Nicolás Capogrosso (Argentina)

Marco Grimalt-Esteban Grimalt (Chile)

Oscar-Hevaldo (Brasil)

Mauricio Vieyto-Marco Cairús (Uruguay)

Gregorio Goyo Godoy-Roger Batilana (Paraguay)

Juan Paternina-Diego Corredor (Colombia)

Eduardo Romay-Giacomo Falcone (Perú)

Charly-Golindano (Venezuela)

As there was a tie at the South American ranking at Ancon, Peru under the Technical Supervisor Delegate, Jorge Granja, there was a drawn and pairs were settled as following:


Pool A: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela

Pool B: Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru


Pool A: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela

Pool B: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru