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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2, 2017 – With strong Argentine attendance in the different CSV Commissions took place in Mangarativa, Rio de Janeiro the 72th South American Volleyball Confederation Congress, headed by its President, Rafael Lloreda Currea with the presence of 11 Presidents of a total of 12 of the National Federations that are part of the CSV.

The Argentine delegation included FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez; its Treasurer, Juan Galeote; the Under-Secretary Fabian Ramon and former international referee, Guillermo Paredes, present FIVB Referee Commission President.

The members of the CSV Board of Administration, including FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez, proposed intensive activity during the premier CSV calendar; among which decisions it confirmed FeVA 5th Vice-President, Juan Angel Pereyra as Referee Commission President; replacing another expertize Argentine Referee, Guillermo Paredes that took over FIVB Referee Commission.

Work started with the activity report of its President, Lloreda followed by a video that showed the most important moments of the previous Congress “We are in a very hard moment of restructure at the financial planning of the funds of the FIVB but we will go on working seriously to fulfill the same results as shown in the last years. Our motivation is: the name of the game is engagement” emphasized the President.

The Congress joint the members of the South American Volleyball family during a period of two days and was preceded by the different Commissions meetings. The Sport Organization Committee including San Juan Volleyball Federation, Juan Galeote; the Referee Committee with FeVA Under-Secretary, Fabian Ramon; the Beach Volleyball Commission, with FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez and the Medical and Legal Commission.

The English Guyana was the only absent member at the Congress and at the previous meetings, all participants had the chance to argue about important subjects, and at the same time update themselves on the FIVB proposal amendments.

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana Ligue, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela unanimously approved the General Balance for the period that ended December 31st, 2016 and the budget for the year 2017 presented by Julio Perez, President of the Accounts Commission and Bruno Zubizarreta. Among the different agenda subjects’ reports were presented by the Sport Organization Commission, Roberto Escobar; Referee Commission by Guillermo Paredes and Elir Martins; Legal Commission by CSV General Secretary, Renata Blauth; Marketing Committee, by Juan Gutierrez; Beach Volleyball by the CSV Vice-President Marco Tullio Teixeira and Press Commission by Marcia Loureiro.

The CSV Board of Administration resolutions were celebrated by the 11 National Federations’ Presidents affiliated to the CSV and as part of the issues decided were same dated and venues for the indoor and beach volleyball calendar 2017.