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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 11, 2017 - In a very intensive working day for FeVA management, last Saturday took place at "FeVA Moving" Hall FeVA Board of Administration meeting, including several very important decisions related to development, competition, marketing and the attendance of unusual visitors.

For the first time ever in a FeVA meeting Tierra del Fuego Volleyball Federation was represented as it was the last province to join the head Argentine Volleyball Federation as it goes under building. "We are a group of people, mainly coaches, that want to work towards making strong our volleyball, volleyball in our province. We thank FeVA for the chance of giving us a space and support our building" expressed Gustavo Salazar, Tierra del Fuego Volleyball delegate.

Also for the first time the newley Argentine Associated Volleyball Players took part of their place as ruled at FeVA Statutes. Santiago Darraidou, JUAVA Vice-President and delegate at the meeting added: "JUAVA comes to add ideas, to represent the players, their words and players concerns in this place that FeVA opened to us in this important growth momento for Argentine Volleyball. We want to add our ideas, our points of views, thinking on the growth and development of all country's volleyball".

Julio Velasco and Guillermo Orduna, coaches of the Argentine Seniors' Men and Women's teams also displayed their work for this new Olympic Cycle that starts this season with details of training and competitions of our Argentine National Teams.

A total of 16 delegates of different province volleyball federations, JUAVA, ACLAV and the participation of Tierra del Fuego gave the meeting headed by FeVA Pressident, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, the framework to detail the changes of continental and world volleyball structures.

During the intensive working meeting the advances of the Project "Chapadmalal Sport Villa" were described including the hosting at Hotel 9 of Chapadmalal Tourist Complex the last Beach Volleyball South American Tour Grand Slam in Rosario and the presentation also of the Women's Final of the Continental Tour that will take place in Chaco, organized by the local Federation headed by Miguel Angel Ortigoza.

FeVA Board of Administration also recognized and tributed Arq. Alejandro Bolgeri, former FeVA President since its foundation and during two four year's period as Honorary President, with a plate given to him by Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, Julio Velasco and Guillermo Orduna.

The Board of Administration also payed tribute to Guillermo Paredes, present President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Referee Committee.

At the start of the meeting, all present members made one minute of silence remembering and tributing the Metropolitan Volleyball Federation well-renowneed volleyball mentor, Vicente Finelli that died a short time ago. As ruled by FeVA Statutes, La Pampa Volleyball Federation President, Gustavo Rogriguez was named FeVA Board of Administration 2nd Vice-President.