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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 12, 2017 – Las Panteras, the Argentine Seniors’ Women Team international season is getting nearer and therefore the team must start working and at this point, when planning the near and far future for the premier national women’s team, the coach for the new Olympic Cycle, Guillermo Orduna and the Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez met at the Hall “FeVA in Movement” to keep working towards getting ready for a period of great challenges.

One of the subjects talked was to confirm the new Coaching Team that will help Guillermo Orduna during this new cycle. Now Las Panteras will work with the following staff team:

Head Coach:Guillermo Orduna
Assistant Coach: Fabian Muraco
Assistant Coach: Ariel Garcia
Statician: Agustin Briscioli
Trainer: Pablo Añon
Doctor: Arnoldo Albero
Therapist: Gonzalo Echegaray
Age-group Coordinator: Guillermo Caceres
Age-group Assistants: Roberto Woelfin, Estanislao Vachino
Manager: Diego Biscione

“We gave shape to a Coaching Team that has to do with the needs of the team in their growing path. We incorporated national experience with international touch and coaches that are expertize in working in teams. I believe that this combination, with each one adding their knowledge will be at the service of the team” pointed out Orduna.

“Argentine Women’s and Girls’ Volleyball stands at a very interesting point. We have all categories in full international competitions with many players, with good structure and for the first ever time with Argentina organizing a women’s competition, the U 18 Girls’ World Championship in Rosario and Santa Fe. These allows us to plan the growth towards the Olympic Cycle” emphasized the coach.

After Las Panteras qualifying for the ever first time for the Olympic Games, Rio 2016, all age-group categories got the impulse on qualifying each for their respective World Championship”. The Youth’s, the U 23 are already confirmed and the Juniors’ that finished as runner-up at the South American Championship winning the Silver Medal will have their chance to Qualify at the Pan Am Cup while Las Panteras will play their South American and World Qualy towards Japan 2018”.

FeVA President, Juan Antonio Gutierrez also made a balance of the four-year cycle that finished in Rio 2016: “We not only fulfilled the goal planned but we overcame it. Added to the historical Olympic qualification with a group of outstanding players, we created together the new structure that now will have a chance of even a bigger growth in all categories. We go for the “Cascade Effect” with new challenges, better world ranking and better output”.

As part of the new organization and with Osvaldo Celia as Chief of FeVA Managers, Gutierrez is convinced even more growth: “The work done by those in charge in the past was huge and outstanding but we go for more now, putting women’s volleyball for the institution at the same level as the men’s and beach volleyball”. Orduna went on talking on the same idea: “I feel very thankful for the work done by Marcelo Magliarella as Trainer and Jeronimo Bidegain as Manager, they were key important people in all the engagements fulfilled”.