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At the end of the first weekend of the World League, Argentina lost to France 3-0 with partials of 25-17, 27-25 and 25-22. Stephen Boyer was the top scorer with 20 points, while in Argentina Cristian Poglajen scored 11. Next scale for Argentina will be in Iran for the second weekend before receiving the tournament in Cordoba.

In the first set, France took a quick advantage of 8-4 damaging with its serve and then improved the gap to 16-8 adding a good job in block. Le Roux and Clevenot concentrated the game of the Europeans, while Argentina looked for Pablo Crer. In the definition, France continued more precise and forceful to gain it 25-17.

In the second chapter, Argentina had the entry of Ignacio Fernandez and Facundo Imhoff and the beginning of the set was even. The team led by Julio Velasco showed an improvement in attack but France continued looking for Clevenot and Le Roux to the 8-6. Nevertheless, France returned to be relentless in service and block to take off 16-10 against an Argentine team that tried with some substitutions -Toro, Darraidou and Gonzalez-. Later, Argentina grew on its game volume and initiated a comeback until 19-21 with more prominence of Ramos, Poglajen and a good entrance of Toro. That good moment lasted until pairing the scoreboard in 23 with Poglajen in great level, but finally an ace with fortune of Le Roux gave the set to France 27-25.

In the third half, Toro, Imhoff and Fernandez continued on the court and after starting down 5-2, Argentina improved in attack and counterattack and took advantage of France errors to be up on the scoreboard for the first time by 10-9. In this partial, France counted with greater participation of Boyer and arrived at the second technical timeout 16-15. Towards the definition the Frenchs broke the parity to make 19-16 and 22-18 with good moments in block and more forceful in counterattack. Despite Imhoff and Poglajen scored for the 21-23 discount, the Europeans finally settled the victory 25-22.


Maximiliano Cavanna (1), German Johansen (6), Pablo Crer (5), Martin Ramos (7), Nicolas Bruno (2), Cristian Poglajen (11). Libero: Alexis Gonzalez. Coach: Julio Velasco. Substitutions: Ignacio Fernandez (libero), Facundo Imhoff (7), Alejandro Toro (4), Santiago Darraidou (2), Demian Gonzalez.

France: Benjamin Toniutti (1), Stephen Boyer (20), Nicolas Le Goff (2), Kevin Le Roux (14),Trevor Clevenot (10), Julien Lyneel (13). Libero: Jenia Grebennikov. Coach: Laurent Tillie. Substitutions: Jean Patry, Antoine Brizard.


Weekend 1 / Russia / Argentina Time
2/6 Russia-Argentina 13:10hs
3/6 Bulgaria-Argentina 10:10hs
4/6 Argentina-France 10:10hs

Weekend 2 / Iran / Argentina Time
9/6 Serbia-Argentina 10:40hs
10/6 Belgium-Argentina 10:40hs
11/6 Iran-Argentina 1:40pm

Weekend 3 / Cordoba / Argentina Time
16/6 18:10 Brazil-Bulgaria and 21:10 Argentina-Serbia
17/6 16:10 Bulgaria-Serbia and 19:10 Argentina-Brazil
18/6 16:10 Serbia-Brazil and 19:10 Argentina-Bulgaria