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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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With good assistance from local media and the rest of the country, this Friday, June 16, the Men's World Championship 2018 Qualifier was launched in Cordoba, to be jointly organized by Italy and Bulgaria. The qualifier tournament, which will award a place for the champion, will also be organized jointly by the provinces of Salta and Jujuy and will take place between August, Tuesday 29 and September, Sunday 3.

At the press conference, held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cordoba, the governors of Salta and Jujuy, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Gerardo Morales, were present, accompanied by ministers, intendants and officials from these provinces. The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA) was represented by its president, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, and the captain of the National Team, Luciano De Cecco. In addition, numerous personalities of volleyball and sport were gathered in general. Among the locals were Medardo Ligorria, president of the Cordoba Sports Agency, and Jorge Cattaneo, head of the Sports Confederation of the Province of Cordoba.

De Cecco, with roots and relatives in Salta, thanked the possibility of playing the tournament in our country. 'The qualification to the World Championship is very important and playing at home has a bonus that will help us a lot. We have great expectations of accomplishing this great step', said the Argentine captain. 'We want to enjoy it and so do people. That is the great goal of the year.'

Urtubey was pleased with the chance to host an event of the Qualifier hierarchy. 'We are grateful for the good predisposition for our provinces to be part of such an important event. With Gerardo (Morales) we are rebuilding a good habit: working together in sport, something that we just started with another volleyball event', he said.

'We want to grow the sport, beyond seeing the National Team in our provinces. What we are looking for is the contagion effect: that more and more boys get closer to the sport and can grow healthy. It's the big challenge. As long as we ensure that sport continues to occupy an important place, we will have the Argentina we deserve' he added.

On its turn, Morales added that it is a pleasure to share the organization with the government of Salta. 'It is a sister province, with which we are working a lot in the sport. Developing high-reach events and receiving our National Team generates a great incentive for our kids', he said. 'We will do everything to receive Argentina in the best way and also to the rest of the countries. All together we will make the force to qualify for the World Championship.'

For his part, Gutierrez emphasized the hospitality of Cordoba for this presentation prior to the start of the World League weekend and highlighted the work being done by Salta and Jujuy in favor of the sport. 'Our commitment with Salta and Jujuy is very strong: we have been working together so that volleyball has a spill effect and reaches more guys. Both provinces are working well and we want to support this vocation of growth' he said.

'For that reason we want to go and play the Qualifier for the World Championship with the same theme that will play the 2018 World Cup: there are two countries, such as Bulgaria and Italy, and here are two provinces nearby, such as Salta and Jujuy. We are very anxious and have great expectation for this tournament' completed the FeVA president.