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On the Orfeo Superdomo and on its first game of the third weekend of the World League, Serbia got a breathtaking victory over Argentina in five sets and secured a place on the Final Six. This will be the 13rd time that Serbians play the Finals. With Luburic as gunner and Kovacevic on the spotlight after an spectacular task on the final set, Serbia got its sixth victory and waits now for Bulgaria. Argentina, meanwhile, will try to get its second victory on the South American clash against Brazil this Saturday.

Argentina had a better beginning of the game with a good performance in attack headed by Ramos. However, Jovovic gave confidence to its attackers and found results in Ivovic and Lisinac to maintain its team ahead. With less mistakes and a good counterattack, Serbia gave the first step, 25-22.

Home team improved from its fans' support and a brilliant De Cecco, who lead the team throughout the set. Serbia commited more mistakes and even Luburic contributed to keep fighting, Fernandez defences and Poglajen attacks helped Argentina to tie the game, 25-19.

The teams performed an emotional third set, with a tight point to point. Argentina played well with its middle blockers while Serbia grew with Kovacevic and Ivovic. In the last part of the partial, the Europeans showed great power to go ahead on the scoreboard again, 25-22.

Velasco's team presured with its service and found a great choice on entered Toro to make true its desire to get to the tie break. Neverthless, Serbia was decided to stop home squad and appeal to Lisinac and a tireless Luburic to turn the score around in the final track. There, in an outstanding final, Toro took the last ball and send the game to the fifth set.
Kovacevic took the lead and with an impressive serve gave Serbia the first gap. Argentina tried once again from counterattack, but couldn't stop the powerfull Serbian attack and lost the game 15-12.