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In their second match of the second phase of the U21 World Championship in Czech Republic, the Youth Team lost to Brazil 3-0 with partials of 25-20, 25-23 and 25-23. Geronimo Elgueta was the top scorer of the match with 16 points. With this result, Argentina needs Canada to beat Russia in the afternoon to get a chance to get into the semi-finals. The team led by Alejandro Grossi will close the group stage on Thursday from 10am against the Canadians.

In the beginning, Brazil took important advantages (11-5) playing well in service and counterattck but the double change with Giraudo and Elgueta gave results to Argentina (13-15). In the closing, Brazil took off again with a more regular task to take the first 25-23.

In the second half, Elgueta continued in good level for an Argentine dominance for the 8-7 and 16-13 in which the team that directs Grossi showed a better game in attack and block. Nevertheless, in the definition Brazil returned to be forceful in block and also closed better in counterattack to turn the scoreboard 22-19. A block ended up giving this set to Brazil 25-23.

The third partial had a similar development: Argentina came up 13-10, but Brazil had their opposite hitter Roque inspired to equalize the score. In a close point-to-point, Brazil finally won it 25-23 after a controversial play to resolve the victory in straight sets.

Argentina: Ignacio Roberts (1), Juan Bucciarelli (-); Liam Arreche (7), Agustin Loser (4); Felipe Benavidez (7), Jan Martinez (6). Libero: Santiago Arroyo. DT: Alejandro Grossi. Ingresaron: Geronimo Elgueta (16), Matias Giraudo (2), Luciano Palonsky (1).

Brazil: Matheus Silva (2), Felipe Roque (5); Daniel Mascarenhas (7), Gabriel Bertolini (9); Alexandre Elias (5), Victor Cardoso (3). Líbero: Maique Nascimento. DT: Nery Tambeiro. Ingresaron: Pablo Natán (13), Davy Moraes (7), Henrique Dantas (-), Luis Rodrigues (-).