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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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This Friday, the Argentine Women's Team arrived in Neuquen with high expectations around their disembarking in the Patagonian province to dispute the first weekend of the FIVB Grand Prix the next 7, 8 and 9 in the Ruca Che stadium against Canada, Croatia and Poland respectively. Prior to the competition, Guillermo Orduna's team will dispute two friendly matches with Croatia and will participate in some activities together with the Sports and Youth Undersecretariat of Neuquen.

The national team will have Clarisa Sagardia, Helena Vidal, Tanya Acosta, Elina Rodriguez, Sol Piccolo, Antonella Fortuna, Camila Hiruela, Emilce Sosa, Natalia Aispurua, Sofia Bulgarella, Julieta Lazcano, Lucia Fresco, Tatiana Rizzo and Morena Martinez on its rows. Also, Priscila Bosio traveled with the delegation and although she won't be part of the team in this first stage, she will continue the preparation for the rest of the competition.

The activities for the Panthers will begin this Saturday with the Sport Initiation Schools Meeting in the Villa Maria Club, where the national team will share the morning with children from various educational centers. Meanwhile, from 7pm (local time), it will be the time of the first friendly match against Croatia in the Ruca Che with tickets for sale to the general public.

To complete the preparation, on Monday, 3rd will be time of revenge for the Panthers and Croatia in front of a very special scenary, since 4000 students of different schools will vibrate next to the teams. For the event, in addition, 1000 kilogrames of non-perishable foods were collected.

On the other hand, the sale of tickets for Grand Prix matches continues at various points of sale at $100 per ticket per day and $200 for the three days.

Clarisa Sagardia
Helena Vidal
Elina Rodriguez
Sol Piccolo
Antonella Fortuna
Camila Hiruela
Emilce Sosa
Natalia Aispurua
Sofia Bulgarella
Julieta Lazcano
Lucia Fresco
Tanya Acosta
Tatiana Rizzo
Morena Martinez

-Neuquen Volleyball Federation (Independencia 832): Monday to Friday 10:00hs to 12:00hs and 18:00hs to 21:00hs.
-Ruca Che Stadium (Antártida Argentina 3901): Monday to Friday 10:00hs toa 12:00hs and 15:00hs to 18:00hs. NO SALE ON THE MATCH DAYS.
-Plottier: X3 Patagonia (Belgrano 172): Monday to Friday 09:00hs to 12:00hs.
-Cutral Co: Gimnasio Municipal (San Juan 105): Monday to Friday 09:00hs to 14:00hs; Tuesday and Thursday 18:00hs to 21:00hs.
-Roca: Juliana Deportiva (Tucuman 1190): Monday to Saturday 09:30hs to 12:30hs and 17:00hs to 21:00hs.

IMPORTANT: The only official sale points are the ones published here as well as the values of the entries.
Those who want to buy tickets and are not in Neuquen, can communicate with tesoreria@fnvoleibol in order to coordinate reservations and payments.

For those media or journalists who want to be accredited to cover the event, they should send an e-mail to prensa@feva.org in order to receive the instructions and complete the procedure on the official FIVB platform. The accreditation process closes on Monday, July 3.