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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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A few hours before the start of the FIVB Grand Prix in Neuquen, Guillermo Orduna, coach of the Argentine Senior Women's Team, talked about his squad's expectations at the opening weekend of the competition where they will face Canada, Croatia and Poland on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Meanwhile, Ruca Che finishes details to host a high international level show.

'The Panthers' are stepping up in their preparation for the competition and this Tuesday afternoon have another training that included a new test against Croatia, this time with closed doors, taking advantage of the fact that both teams can train in the game stadium waiting for the arrival of the other delegations, scheduled for tonight and Wednesday morning.

Orduna reflected on the possibility of returning to play at home for the fourth consecutive season after the experiences in Lomas de Zamora, Formosa and Tucuman: 'Playing in Argentina is very important for us, in fact it was vital in the cycle that took us to Rio. The team's identification with the people generated an important commitment that the players took very well, having the culminating point in Bariloche. It was always capitalized in a positive way: it strengthens the groups, encourages them, motivates them. It is something that the leadership of FeVA took as a challenge year after year and it is very good to be sustained.'

According to Orduna, the team 'has had a significant growth, it is a year where new players have been incorporated, where young players have to begin to assume a different role in the Senios group. We aim to support the reception, attack with the service, avoid in attack and contain in block. The individual performance and systems have to be closer and closer to the first international level' he said thinking about the upcoming rivals.

With everything ready to start the event, once the arrival of the Polish and Canadian delegations is complete, the launching press conference will be held in the Paicova Hall located on the ground floor of Hotel Comahue (Argentina 377, Neuquen) on Thursday at 10am. There the press credentials for those media that have received the FIVB confirmation via e-mail will be given.

Friday 7/7

21hs Croatia vs Poland
23:59hs Argentina vs Canada

Saturday 8/7
19hs Poland vs Canada
22hs Argentina vs Croatia

Sunday 9/7
19hs Canada vs Croatia
22hs Argentina vs Poland

-Neuquen Volleyball Federation (Independencia 832): Monday to Friday 10:00hs to 12:00hs and 18:00hs to 21:00hs.
-Ruca Che Stadium (Antártida Argentina 3901): Monday to Friday 10:00hs toa 12:00hs and 15:00hs to 18:00hs. NO SALE ON THE MATCH DAYS.
-Plottier: X3 Patagonia (Belgrano 172): Monday to Friday 09:00hs to 12:00hs.
-Cutral Co: Gimnasio Municipal (San Juan 105): Monday to Friday 09:00hs to 14:00hs; Tuesday and Thursday 18:00hs to 21:00hs.
-Roca: Juliana Deportiva (Tucuman 1190): Monday to Saturday 09:30hs to 12:30hs and 17:00hs to 21:00hs.

IMPORTANT: The only official sale points are the ones published here as well as the values of the entries.
Those who want to buy tickets and are not in Neuquen, can communicate with tesoreria@fnvoleibol in order to coordinate reservations and payments.