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This Sunday and at the end of the second weekend of the FIVB Grand Prix in Poland, Argentina was defeated by Peru by 3-1 (18-25, 25-18, 23-25, 19-25). The Panthers showed improvements in their game and besides getting the second set, they had possibilities to lead the game in the third. However, Peru was superior in service and attack to crown the win and celebrate. The next will be the last weekend of the qualifying round for the ones led by Guillermo Orduna in Croatia.

Angela Leyva was the top scorer of the game with 21 points, followed by Jessenia Uceda with 20. On the Argentine side, captain Emilce Sosa scored 17 on her return to the starting team after the injury that marginalized her from previous games. Argentina had a good performance in block, but it didn't manage to dominate its rival and leaves Poland with a defeat.

The development of the game had a start where our Panthers were surprised by a forceful Peruvian team that didn't stop at any time. However, in the second set came the national response with a good task of Sosa and Aispurua, and it was Peru who suffered the good Argentine work in block and defense that tied the game.

The third was the more even of the four partials, with a balanced point to point that Peru was able to control after the second timeout. Argentina tried to recover and was close with the contributions of Acosta, but the team of Luizomar solved in the closing with offensive power and regained control of the board. In the fourth the Panthers recovered from a beginning with doubts, but slowly they lost the reins against the figure of Leyva, that well accompanied by Uceda led her squad to the triumph.


Argentina: Vidal (4), Fresco (9); Aispurua (12), Sosa (17); Piccolo (3), Acosta (10). Libero: Rizzo. Substitutions: Martinez (L), Fortuna (5), Hiruela Tapia, Sagardia (2) and Bosio (3).

Peru: Muñoz (4), Rueda Cotito (12); Uribe (9), Yllescas (6); Leyva (21), Uceda (20). Libero: Patiño. Substitutions: Almeida, Olemar (1), Frías y Gómez.