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This Saturday in the Coliseum of Arequipa, the Argentine Women's Team played their second match in the South American World Championship Qualifier and defeated Uruguay 3-0 with scores by 25-12, 25-14 and 25-11. This Sunday the Panthers will seek the qualification against Peru from 6pm (local time).

The Panthers bothered with their service at the beginning of the game for an 8-2 that soon became 12-5 thanks to the good offensive work led by Nizetich and Rodriguez. Argentina maintained the intensity in the continuity and incorporated its middle blockers to the attack towards the 16-9 that allowed a total national dominion in the definition zone. Uruguay had difficulty in the net and was full of errors, situation well used by the Panthers for the 25-12.

Nizetich at the service line gave the first advantage to Argentina for an 8-3 that would mark the rhythm of the rest of the partial. The Uruguayan faults facilitated the national game, that show all its power in attack to take off 16-9 and to lead the victory without doubts. Orduna made several substitutions that didn't affect the performance of the team, forceful in the definition to set the 25-14.

Everything went absolutely into the hands of the Panthers in the final partial, who added to their offensive play a good job in block and the 7-2 went to an unstoppable 16-4. Argentina gave time in the court to all its team members and had no problem in sentencing the match 25-11.

Argentina: Clarisa Sagardia, Lucía Fresco; Julieta Lazcano, Natalia Aispurua; Yamila Nizetich, Elina Rodríguez. Tatiana Rizzo (L). Coach: Guillermo Orduna. Substitution: Helena Vidal, Josefina Fernandez, Morena Martinez (L), Priscila Bosio y Camila Hiruela.

Uruguay: Eugenia Alcaraz, Lia Fortunati; Florencia Aguirre, Maria Aguirre; Camila Bausero, Andrea Cammarano. Lucia Rodriguez (L). Coach: Paola Galusso. Substitutions: Meline Gimenez, Paola Goni (L), Maria Poncet y Victoria Corbacho.