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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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The 2017 comes to its end, and it was a magical year for Argentine volleyball that leaves us close to a deep change in the management model, especially focused on the development inside the country with new perspectives in the objective of creating a new image of our sport.

This magic year was reaffirmed with an unprecedented world crown, the one reached by the U23 Team in the World Championship in Egypt, the first in our history. We had an unforgettable Olympic year, a 2015 with two silver medals in the U19 and U21 World Championships, but we managed to improve ourselves regarding sport results.

It was also magical to consolidate the federal profile of our management model together. We held great international competitions with strong popular impact in Cordoba, Neuquen, Chaco, Salta, Jujuy... We host a World Championship like in 2015, this time in Rosario and Santa Fe, with remarkable success.

We organized the Argentine Cups with records and surprising numbers in the organization. For the first time all the Argentine provinces were represented, with the exception of Tierra del Fuego. Never before 23 federations coincided in the same year. We overcome the 100 clubs barrier, since in Chapadmalal 112 institutions from all over the country were represented. There were 189 teams that competed for almost a month, played 866 games and came from the north, south, east and west of our country.

Among other achievements, we celebrate the presence and action of international referees, who worked together and gave a true example of cooperation and knowledge transfer. We reached it all together.

Above all, we accomplish a second year of great progress in the structure of the Chapadmalal Sports Village, with absolute recognition of each of the protagonists, coaches, players, referees, leaders and parents.

In the National Championships we fulfilled the goal of taking volley to every region and played the U19 tournament in Chapadmalal, the U17 in Jujuy, the female U15 in San Jose and the male in Chajari, Entre Rios. At last, the female U13 was in Charata and the men in Villa Angela, Chaco. It is our second consecutive year with competition in the four categories and with great success in U13, which was incorporated in 2016.

The beach volleyball development goal was fulfilled when, for the first time, we brought together the U17 and U13 competition with the Beach Volleyball National Championship. In this sense, and completing the data of the Argentine Cups, we closed the year with the Argentine Beach Volleybal Games in Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios, with 23 federations represented (except Jujuy) in both branches, being for the second consecutive year the more federal sport in the competition organized by the National Sports Secretary.

The results accompanied us again. Our teams played the 6 grass-root World Championships, we were one of the 5 federations in the world that achieved it. Our major teams beat the current Olympic champions, China and Brazil in women's and men's respectively, but the most important thing was that they qualified for their 2018 World Championships.

FeVA has now more equipment: we have more floors, more sports stuff, more implements for the stadiums. We approach to the university movement with new programs such as "Doble Carrera" to promote sports and education, working systematically with FEDUA (Argentine Univerity Sport Federation).

We have to keep on working in the Newcom and Master Volleyball, with original projects that join more and more participants. We promoted Mini Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball, with small but sure steps.

This year we took an important and foundational decision. FeVA is already working with a new marketing company in a project that aims to promote the values ​​of our sport ("Values ​​in Play", a program launched by FeVA) and above all to generate a positive image of volleyball in organization, results, values, image, seriousness, professionalism and show. We have chosen Mood Productions as a new partner, on a long path in the construction of a good reputation. The new search brought us closer to partners such as SONDER, which has the values ​​of a national company that generates quality products and has a strong identification with volleyball.

We have a great international image, that is the message we receive from the FIVB, that emphasises the management and, a few days ago, made a report on their website about the development work of Argentina in Mini Volleyball, in the massive activities linked to the major sporting events and the training of the FIVB Development Center.

At the institutional level, our leaders grow internationally, and the number of people that works together to develop volleyball from the inside increases evertiyme. We have to generate more enthusiasm to create proposals, incentives and projects that develop volleyball throughout the country. We have to train more, and promote greater work in board meetings, providing better dates, lowering operational costs and achieving more participation. Our commitment is to empower leaders because we understand that work is the engine for resource generation.

The plan for 2018 basically includes working together with all the provincial federations to increase the number of players, coaches, referees and clubs. The launching of the "FeVA Card" as a membership certificate will be the only authorized document for the federated area. It will allow us to achieve sustained growth for the general benefit to make the reality of our sport transparent throughout the country. The idea is to give benefits that will immediately reduce the costs of affiliation. This system will also enable to work together with different companies to achieve more and more benefits for all.

We understand that in the coming years assuming a work commitment must be an unbreakable vision. We bet for training, for the amplitude, but above all for the transparency of each of our realities, which will undoubtedly result in the growth of volleyball. We are committed to generate a united community of Argentine volleyball, that give each of us pride and sense of belonging, offering alternatives and benefits to boost the desire of becoming part of the community. The objective is big: in the first instance, to have our own house. In that way we are.

Juan Antonio Gutiérrez - FeVA President

Gabriel Salvia - General Secretary