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A new era of volleyball is close. In the framework of a strong Argentine presence at the FIVB offices in Switzerland, FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça led the meeting of the Sports Events Council that had two days of intense work and counted with the participation of the FeVA President and also President of the Council, Juan Antonio Gutierrez. The Presidents of the Continental Confederations, the Secretary of the Council and representatives of the athletes, in this case the Brazilian Giba and the Cuban Mireya Luis were also there.

The launching of the Volleyball Nations League in both branches, that comes to replace the World League and the Grand Prix, was at the spotlight on a meeting that focused on the revolutionary changes that sport will experience in the technologies, production and entertainment.

For Argentina it were approved, after official inspections, the headquarters in Santa Fe (women branch) and San Juan (male branch).

President Graça focused on the balance between the male and female branches of the most important annual tournament, the VNL. "Let me remind everyone that Volleyball Nations League will be the same event, with the same format, the same money in prizes and amount of teams for men and women. That balance is so important for the FIVB". Together with our partner, IMG, we will control the production and distribution of TV, to ensure the consistency of our images and provide a first class experience for our fans around the world".

The teams that do not participate in the VNL will have the chance to look for a place in the Volleyball Challenger Cup, which will promote the winners to the VNL. "In this way we provide more opportunities for national teams to participate in our events", said President FIVB.

The Council reviewed the status of the organization of the 2018 World Championships (male in Italy and Bulgaria, female in Japan). It was also confirmed that according to the official data of the International Olympic Committee, volleyball was the sport in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 (floor and beach volley) in terms of spectators. Of course the FIVB is already working to revolutionize Tokyo 2020, which will be played at the Ariake Arena.

The digital transformation, the setting of an optimized global calendar and the revision of the World Ranking System were also topics on the panel.

The pride for Argentina came with some of the final words of President Graça, who highlighted the work of our country and FeVA's President Juan Antonio Gutierrez: "Argentina did a great job and took important challenges such as the creation of the Villa Deportiva Chapadmalal" he emphasized.

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