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After the second weekend of the Argentina Women's League, Villa Dora, Gimnasia and Boca are the leaders, the last two with perfect scores. Meanwhile, Plotier debuted with a 3-2 victory over Bigua and Rivadavia and Universitario achieved their first victories.

In one of the most even pools of this League, the group B, San Lorenzo needed five sets on its both games to celebrate. Even though, it was the only with two victories, since Velez and Villa Dora only got one. For its part and on its only presentation, San Martin won on the Formosa clash. Villa Dora is the leader of the group after three victories in four matches.

In Pool A, Plotier made its debut in Neuquen against El Bigua and won by 3-2. Also Caleta Olivia had its first points in the competition after two consecutive defeats. Gimnasia, the leader with perfect numbers, Banco and Bigua had one victory each one.

Finally, in Pool C, Boca continues on top after two triumphs over Argentina and San Jose. San Jorge and Rivadavia played together twice and got one victory each one. At last, River won to San Jose.

Argentine Women's League– Weekend 2

7/2 21:00 (A) Gimnasia-Univ. Caleta 3-0
8/2 21:00 (A) Banco LP-Univ. Caleta 3-0
9/2 21:00 (C) San Jorge-Rivadavia 3-0
9/2 19:30 (C) Argentina-Boca 0-3
9/2 21:30 (C) River-San José 3-0

10/2 21:00 (A) Bigua-Univ. Comahue 3-0
10/2 21:00 (B) Vélez-Club Rosario 3-1
10/2 20:30 (B) San Lorenzo-Villa Dora 3-2
10/2 21:00 (B) San Isidro-San Martín 0-3
10/2 21:00 (C) Boca-San José 3-0

11/2 21:00 (A) Bigua-Plotier 2-3
11/2 21:00 (A) Univ. Comahue-Univ. Caleta 0-3
11/2 20:00 (B) Vélez-Villa Dora 2-3
11/2 20:00 (B) San Lorenzo-Club Rosario 3-2
11/2 20:00 (C) Rivadavia-San Jorge 3-1

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