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This Monday, the Argentine Women's Team faced its third match in the group stage of the 2018 World Championship in Japan. In the game against Germany, the Panthers fell in straight sets with scores by 25-21, 34-32 and 25-18. It is the third defeat for the team, which will have rest on Tuesday and will play again on Wednesday against the Netherlands.

Louisa Lippmann led the German team with 23 points and received great support from captain Maren Fromm (14) and Jennifer Geerties (10). Argentina's top scorer was Lucia Fresco (15), while Elina Rodriguez added 12 and captain Emilce Sosa recorded six blocks.

Argentina came into the game on the back of two straight 3-0 defeats at the hands of Japan and Mexico, whereas Germany recovered from their opening day loss to the Dutch to ease past Cameroon 3-0 for their first win the previous day.

Behind some strong spikes and serves from leading scorer Louisa Lippmann, the Germans built up a four-point lead at the second TTO, 16-12. Captain Maren Fromm and southpaw setter Denise Hanke added to Germany's tally as they stepped up the pace.

The Argentines were struggling to keep up with the German play but captain Emilce Sosa and Lucia Fresco gave them hope with some impressive replies.

Germany had four set points at 24-20 and won it at the second attempt 25-21 with a Lippmann block. Lippmann scored eight points in the first set and Jennifer Geerties added five. Fresco replied with seven for Argentina, all of them winners.

In the second set, Lippmann pounced on an overhead set to take Germany into the first TTO leading 8-6 but a stunning Fresco block on Lippmann gave encouragement to the South Americans. Fresco was in fine form in attack and defence, particularly her strength and detremination at the net in one-on-one duels. Sosa followed with her own monster block as Argentina stayed in touch.

In a crazy ending to the second set, Germany won it 34-32 on their eighth set point - including four in a row from 24-20 - after Argentina had missed five of their own.

In the third set, Germany led 16-11 at the second TTO and, when they extended that to 19-13, Argentina called a TO as they struggled to stay in the match. Germany ended it 25-18.

Argentina: Valentina Galiano (1), Lucía Fresco (15); Emilce Sosa (11), Julieta Lazcano (5); Josefina Fernández (10), Elina Rodríguez (12). Líbero: Morena Martínez. Entrenador: Guillermo Orduna. Ingresaron: Agostina Soria, Anahí Tosi (1), Antonela Fortuna y Florencia Busquets (1).

Alemania: Denise Hanke (5), Louisa Lippmann (23); Lisa Gründing (9), Ivana Vanjak (3); Maren Fromm (14), Jennifer Geerties (10). Líbero: Lenka Dürr. Entrenador: Feliz Koslowski. Ingresaron: Pia Kästner, Jana Poll, Barbara Wezorke (2) y Anna Pogany.



Argentina - Japan 0-3
Argentina - Mexico 0-3
Argentina - Germany 0-3
3/10 Argentina - Netherlands
4/10 Argentina - Cameroon