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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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The South American Volleyball Confederation (CSV) will officially start the South American Beach Volleyball Circuit from January 18 to 20 in Sao Francisco Do Sul, Brazil, in both branches. After the confirmations regarding the Continental Cup, the dates for the CSVP that will have Argentine participation with Gallay/Pereyra and Azaad/Capogrosso are now known.

16 pairs in each branch will meet in the South American Circuit, which will consist of five stages. The first between January 18 and 20 in Brazil and then it will move to Conquimbo, Chile from February 1 to 3rd. A month later in Lima, Peru, it will be the third stage and in April the last two will be played, from 5 to 7st in Brasilia and from 19 to 21st in Camaçari, both in Brazilian lands. The women's finals will be from May 3 to 5 in Resistencia, Chaco and the men's finals from 24 to 26st in Brazil.

For this first stage and in the female branch, Ana Gallay and Fernanda Pereyra will be part of Pool C together with Rivas/Paula Vallejos (Chile), Gorda/Andresa (Colombia) and Mardones/Natalia (Chile). In the male branch, Julián Azaad and Nicolás Capogrosso will be part of Pool B together with Gonzalo/Riveros (Paraguay), Adrielson/Eduardo (Brazil) and Jo/Leonardo (Brazil).

Brazil won the title of South American Circuit in 2018 in both branches followed by Argentina also in the female and male cases.