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This Thursday at the Aconcagua Arena Stadium of Mendoza, Argentina, was held the launching press conference of the first weekend of the Volleyball Nations League. The Sports Under Secretary of the Province, Federico Chiapetta, the President of the Mendoza Volleyball Federation, Celia Montaruli, and captains and coaches of Argentina, Bulgaria, Portugal and Canada were there.

The Nations League arrives to the province after four years of the last official performance of the Argentine National Team. This time it will be the debut of Marcelo Méndez as head coach of the team in a year full of competition.

The Argentine debut in the tournament will be this Friday against Portugal to then face Bulgaria on Saturday and Canda on Sunday.


Hugo Silva (Portugal Head Coach): “For us it’s a great pride to be here, specially in a province that reminds us of our nation because of its wine culture. Congratulations to Mendoza for its beauty. It’s a real pleasure for me to be among the best coaches in the world. For us the level is too high, but we gain our place here and we have three goals: enjoy the VNL, give everything we have for Portugal and maintain the category for next year, something difficult, but possible”.

Alexandre Ferreira (Portugal captain): “For us is very important to be in the VNL. We want to play at our best and gain experience for the next tournaments. We’re proud of representing Portugal here”.

Glenn Hoag (Canada Head Coach): “First I would like to thank Mendoza and the Argentine Federation for hosting this event that has been very well organized so far. VNL is an important competition and we’re happy to be here. For us every match is a great training opportunity, a very important moment to compete and get better, but we will try to also win matches and get into the Finals”.

John Gordon Perrin (Canada Captain): “Thanks to Argentina and Mendoza for hosting us, we’re very excited to compite here in front of the fans. For the team the most important goal is the Olympic Qualification, but we expect to play at high level and compete every weekend to get into the Finals“.

Silvano Prandi (Bulgaria Head Coach): “Thank you very much Mendoza for the hospitality and the accommodation. I hope fans can see high level games because we need more supporters across the world. This competition must contribute to this goal and I think at the end the most important thing is that every player, team and fan should feel satisfied”.

Nikolay Uchikov (Bulgaria Captain): “For me it’s not something new to be here: I already know Mendoza and its people and it’s a big pleasure to be here back again. Thank you for hosting us! Hope you enjoy the VNL and that this stadium keeps hosting high level events, not only in volleyball, but every sport. I hope my team can start in the best way“.

Marcelo Mendez (Argentina Head Coach): “I’m very happy to make my debut on the National Team here in Mendoza. The VNL is a difficult competition, but will help us on the preparation for the upcoming challenges. We obviously will try to win every match, but the most important goal is the qualification for the Olympic Games. We will face very difficult teams and hope to get good results”.

Sebastian Sole (Argentina Captain): “On behalf of all the team, I would like to thank the province for receiving us. It’s always a pleasure to play in our country. The VNL is a very important event and having the chance of playing with this three teams will help us a lot to improve and play in high level”.