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FeVA - Argentine Volleyball Federation

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August 2003, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) named, to manage, provisional and transitory form, Argentine Volleyball, a "Working Group" formed then, by Juan Angel Pereyra, Eduardo Fernandez, Miguel Marziotti and Alejandro Bolgeri.

This designation allowed that Argentine teams returned to international competition - forbidden until then - and therefore, the Argentine Women's Team, "Las Panteras", coached by Hugo Jauregui, after getting the second place in the South American Championship in Cali, Colombia, got the qualification place for the World Cup, being held in Japan, in November 2003. On the side of the Men's National team, they return to international level with the South American Championship held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, finishing 3rd. with a weak team that gathered just to travel to Brazil, under the coaching of Fabian Armoa. In January 2004, they won undefeated, the Pre-Olympic Games in Caracas, Venezuela, qualifying for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

End of January 2003, in the city of Acapulco, Mexico, the FIVB Executive Committee and the Board of Administration - accepted the Argentine Volleyball Federation - until its definitive recognition by the FIVB Congress that would take place in Porto, Portugal in May - as the only Federation allowed to represent any Argentine team/player. The South American Volleyball Confederation (CSV) Congress decided to make itself the decision taken by the FIVB in Mexico, in its meeting held in Sacuarema, Brazil February 13th-14th. The FIVB decision was confirmed unanimously by the World Congress in Portugal.

After this recognition, the Executive Board of Administration of the new Federation was formed as follows:

President: Alejandro Bolgeri
1st. Executive Vice-president : Juan Angel Pereyra
2nd. Executive Vice-president: Hector Fontichelli
3rd. Executive Vice-president: Miguel Marziotti
4th. Executive Vice-president: Pedro Rinaldi

5th Executive Vice-president: Guillermo Paredes (place corresponding to the ACLAV - National League Association
Secretary: Rodolfo Paredes
Vice - Secretary: Esteban Celoria

Treasurer:Eduardo Fernandez
Vice-treasurer: Raul Borda

Members: Jose Luis Mendoza, Ruben Martinez, Javier Prezioso, Alfredo Contretas, Tulio Lucero.

Substitute members: Raul Iztanko, Alberto Leguizamon, Jose Luis Rifourcat, Enrique Castillo.

Account checking:

Members : Juan Antonio Gutierrez, Jose Maria Cuadrillero, Oscar De Sarro.

Substitute members: Dra. Ana Gerez, Carlos Benitez, Celia Montarulli.

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